We are a new name in the snowboard business but many people are riding boards made by us without even knowing it!

Next time you look at a top brand name, look closer, if there is a sticker saying made in China then it may well have come from our factory.

We are so proud of our products that we have decided its time to sell them under our own name... The result - Heli BoardSports.

And now for the good news... Because we sell them direct to you through the Internet, you are not paying for distributors, dealers, advertising, team sponsorship etc. You are just paying for the snowboard.

Heli Snowboards - for the ride of your life!

Our snowboards are built to the highest standards and using the best materials.

The top and bottom surfaces (6000D and extruded PE respectively) come from IsoSport in Austria.

The steel rails are Rockwell 48 and come from Germany and are isolated with a rubber anti-vibration strip for added comfort at speed.

The core of the boards are tip to tail laminated poplar with maple stringers, strengthened and encapsulated in a triaxial glass sheath to give the best riding response.

We have a comprehensive range of sizes and styles to choose from... start by choosing the graphic by moving your mouse over the names on the right here. Click on the one you like and you're into our online shop - it couldn't be easier.