The standard way to chose size is to measure the distance from the bottom of your chin to the floor. This is not a hard and fast rule but a good guide. For FreeStyle boards you can go shorter by anything up to 10cm - the shorter the better for half-pipe usage - watch the width though for you foot size.

If your feet are UK size 10 or larger, or you're are a heavier rider, you may want to consider one of our wider BigFoot boards. The wider boards present a greater surface area to the snow, distributing your weight.


FreeStyle boards are completely symetrical so there is no difference in riding normal or swirch. The All Mountain boards have a longer nose with a slightly steeper angle to give improved performance over powder.

All our boards share the same construction with extruded PE base and 6000D top sheet from IsoSport in Austria, Rockwell 48 full steel edge from Germany, tip to toe wood core of poplar with maple stringers, fully enclosed in a triaxial glass fibre sheath to give responsiveness and strength.

Boards are shipped using a next day courier - shipping costs are £15 for the first board and £10 per additional board. This amount will be shown in your shopping cart

All Mountain
> 125
> 158
> 160
> 163


> 154
BigFoot All Mountain
> 167w